People occasionally ask how we came to shoot brands like Simple Human, mainly because our focus is on fashion and lifestyle photography. Many people do not know that my time at Art Center was spent shooting mostly still life. Architecture and interiors were not a main focus, but I want to say that every photo student is pretty well versed in all areas of photography. This is a sample of one of our first assignments. Definitely not impressive in any way, but it was completely lit, staged, and shot on 4x5 large format E6 color film. I believe there were about 3 different exposures and swings and tilts to correct perspective. If only we had photoshop back then. All was good, but i did receive a lowered grade because I got a muffin and not a croissant. We worked in teams of 3, but back when we shot in film with large format cameras, it takes about a full day and lots of polaroids for one shot.

note: That phone cord and outlet on the left kills me.