We'll be doing more of these lunch break episodes soon. Let us know if you have any suggestions for places to eat!

Here's our day in Redondo Beach. Seafood... Korean style. Enjoy!!


One of our favorite models. Had a chance to test with Brianna of Newmark models a couple months back. Super quick studio session, but definitely got some good stuff. Thanks Bri!



The awesome Bianca in her true form

bts FlexFit

bts FlexFit


Testing is the fun part of our job. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't, but it's necessary to at least try and see what doesn't work. Most of our best concepts came from a failed test.

This is one example of a test that never made it. We had some fun with different types of projections and played with motion. We may have to revisit the footage and play with some editing. Stay tuned. 

Line & Dot

Check out our Behind the Scenes with Line & Dot from a few seasons back. Always fun working with this creative team.


Had a great time today with the Timing/Lumiere team. Loved working with Tashi Rodriguez. We'll be testing soon. Stay tuned. Here's a quick sneak peak from today.

Amelie Tremblay

Thank you Amelie!!! Had the pleasure of working with Amelie for Cherish a few weeks ago. We had some fun after our shoot. Can't wait to work with her again!

The Social Trust Logo Tee

The Social Trust Logo Tee

Thanks for the shot out!

Thanks for the shot out!


#fbfback when print made a quick come back, brands like PAC SUN put out their own publications. We had a chance to work with the creative agency that designed the mag. These were some of our product photography entries. It's always a good time when you work with a good creative team that has a clear vision.


#TBT   that one time Bobby Hundreds found a kid in Houston, Texas wearing one of our first Trust Tees.  More Trust product coming soon. Stay tuned.

Gourmet in ya face

Definitely, one of the most interesting team ups in the industry: Greg Lucci, Greg Johnson and John Buscemi. We had the greatest times just listening to them discuss business, argue about creative direction and riff on each other.  Good times. 

Here's a sample of one of our favorite shoots

Shot on large printed backdrops.


People occasionally ask how we came to shoot brands like Simple Human, mainly because our focus is on fashion and lifestyle photography. Many people do not know that my time at Art Center was spent shooting mostly still life. Architecture and interiors were not a main focus, but I want to say that every photo student is pretty well versed in all areas of photography. This is a sample of one of our first assignments. Definitely not impressive in any way, but it was completely lit, staged, and shot on 4x5 large format E6 color film. I believe there were about 3 different exposures and swings and tilts to correct perspective. If only we had photoshop back then. All was good, but i did receive a lowered grade because I got a muffin and not a croissant. We worked in teams of 3, but back when we shot in film with large format cameras, it takes about a full day and lots of polaroids for one shot.

note: That phone cord and outlet on the left kills me. 

Oliver Peoples

A lot has changed at Oliver Peoples since we first started working with them back in 2006. We feel fortunate that we had the opportunity to build relationships with the team that made the brand what it is today. Here's a quick portrait of creator Larry Leight and former ceo, David Schulty.

Ernie Ball

Product photography has brought us a lot of great clients. We've worked with brands like Guess, Oliver Peoples, UGG and other brands you may not expect. Ernie Ball was one of those brands that we were definitely honored to shoot for. We had a one day shoot in San Luis Obispo with the Ernie Ball team to play with their ecomm shots and make it a bit more streamlined.

LA meets SD

San Diego has always been our Streetwear mecca. Mainly because of Alyasha Owerka-Moore. Here's a quick look at visit to the first comeback of Alphanumeric, Fiberops and Lovewright Co.



Sean Smith

Sean Smith

Alyasha Owerka-Moore

Alyasha Owerka-Moore

Fast Eddie, Sean Smith, Alyasha, Goose, and Danny Goodnews

Fast Eddie, Sean Smith, Alyasha, Goose, and Danny Goodnews

Congrats Lanny!

Congrats Lanny!  He came a long way from doing voice over work for us in our makeshift sound booth.

Watch Baby Driver!


Barberini is the top manufacturer of high performance glass sun lenses. Their client list consists of brands like Persol, Oliver Peoples, Ray Ban, Ralph Lauren, Maui Jim and many more. Barberini prides itself in their original production process, entirely developed inside the company by a team of in-house engineers.

A few years ago we were invited to Silvi, Italy to shoot their look book and capture their innovative production line. We had an amazing time with the Vetrini family and the whole Barberini team. Check out just a sample of our time with Berberini.


We don't get to test as much as we'd like, but when we do it's always a good time. Last week we had a chance to play with some food photography. Definitely a lot of respect for food photographers and videographers. Compositions and concepts are a lot more difficult to put together. Thanks to Youngest Choo for helping put this together.

Kurupt and the Dogg Pound

We were born and raised in LA, so we grew up on West Coast HipHop. Working on a project with Kurupt, Roscoe, and the Dogg Pound was a huge highlight back when we first started. Lots of good memories in our first location. Glad we got this moment on video


One of our long term retainer clients. We had some good times with the crew. Great to see them doing well. Here are some samples from some of our favorite shoots.